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Balneeshe Surdhar

Last summer I spent two weeks in Valencia province, near Alicante, with one week staying with a Spanish family as part of an exchange program and the other week at a music camp. The family was really nice and I noticed that life in Spain was very different to home. I tried to speak Spanish all the time and I think I got on well. I found that everything was well organised and Nuria was very easy to contact, specially when I fell ill during the second week. She took time out of her schedule to help me. Thanks Nuria for looking after me!

Callum Jackson

In October of 2013 I travelled to Valencia, Spain, to spend two weeks on an exchange with a family there, chosen and introduced by Nuria. Over those two weeks I immersed myself in both the Spanish and local culture visiting various local places of interest and catching the train to the Capital, Madrid, for a day.

My time spent on my exchange showed me how very different Spanish culture is to British culture, something that I had not fully appreciated before. The buildings, the food and the people are all so different in Spain than in Britain!

My time in Spain really improved my Spanish in terms of vocabulary and pronunciation/ accent, it helped me so much with my Spanish GCSE.

Doing the exchange made me a much more confident and outgoing person as I was quite nervous at first, the idea of travelling to another country on my own and staying with another family was quite daunting. My Spanish exchange was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in my life so far and it really helped me to grow as a person, I thoroughly
enjoyed it!

Priyanka Rajavelu

Thank you so much Nuria for arranging everything and bringing me to the airport and all you did in general. I'm very thankful! I've had an amazing time in Spain all thanks to you!  

The family was so lovely and the music camp was such a great experience, where I made good friends. At the beginning I only understood a bit of what they were saying but I learnt so much later!!

Gaynor Jackson (Parent)

Two of my children have taken part in the cultural exchanges to Spain organised by Nuria over the past few years.

We have found that not only is it an excellent way to enhance Children’s language ability, but that it gives them confidence to speak in a broad range of situations. Vocabulary and fluency were greatly improved and they have had numerous compliments on their accents!

It has also been a fabulous opportunity for them to experience a different part of the world from the inside, to be treated not only as a visitor but also as family. They (and we) have formed close friendships that will last a life time.

I couldn’t believe the difference in my children on their return from their stay away. There was a sense of maturity, responsibility and pride that hadn’t been there when they’d left. They had grown in their own estimations and were more ready to try new experiences. Both had discovered a love of different foods which they would never have tried in a million years if they were “on holiday “with our family, and were full of the places they’d visited and the things they’d seen.

It also enabled us to take a fresh look at our own country during the return visits, and highlighted the cultural similarities whilst celebrating the charming differences.

My children have fantastic memories of their time in Spain, and we are indebted to the lovely families there who have shown us such warmth and hospitality and to Nuria for introducing them and making it happen. I look forward to their continuing friendship over the years as our children grow together!

Emily Menger-Davies

I had a fantastic time on my Spanish exchange! Nuria selected and facilitated the exchange with an ideally suited family, which were really lovely and made me feel really at home. They took me to see so many beautiful places in Spain and I felt like I learnt lots about Spanish culture as well as the language.

My Spanish was definitely improved by the experience as being on an exchange really reinforces the language you know already as well as learning new vocabulary. I also found that my accent was much better by the end and I was more comfortable with speaking Spanish in school, in aural exams for example.

I would definitely recommend doing an exchange to anyone interested in languages, it's a great way to develop your language and also to meet new people and experience a different culture.

Beccy (17 years)

I had a wonderful time with my Spanish host family in Alicante. I was excited, but a bit daunted at the prospect of travelling abroad without my family for the first time, however your organisation was superb and my host family were waiting to meet me at the Airport. As my Spanish was basic it was great that my host mum also spoke English, although she encouraged me to use Spanish as much as possible.  I met some wonderful people, swam under waterfalls, ate amazing seafood, enjoyed the sunshine and my Spanish improved enormously!  Thank you Nuria for organising an amazing trip.

Amanda Mahoney (teacher)

Dear Nuria,
Thank you so much for organising my daughter's exchange trip to Alicante.  Your organisation of the trip was superb and your attention to detail, such as booking airline seats travelling together with other children, made all the difference.  My daughter was extremely well looked after by her host family and enjoyed the culture, food, wonderful day trips and made long-lasting friendships.  My daughter's Spanish was basic when she went and I was very grateful that you matched her with a family who also spoke English. When she returned her Spanish had improved greatly and she had a wonderful time.