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Introducing ‘CulturAlive

Allow your child to breathe a new language and culture through a tailored cultural exchange program.

What is a cultural language exchange?

A cultural language exchange is based on the reciprocity principle of two families agreeing to let their children live in each others home for their mutual enrichment.

This is a nonprofit relationship between the families.

In my view, there is no better way to experience a culture than to live in it. Taking part in a cultural exchange will allow your child to spend time with a Spanish family, making new friends and visiting different places in a unique way, becoming involved in the local community. Exposing your children to an alternative culture will widen their horizons and facilitate the learning of an additional language.  

MusicAlive opportunities in Spain also available – go to “who is a CulturAlive exchange suitable for” to find out further information.

Why ‘CulturAlive?

Nuria albert-Penadés  |   CulturAlive

Hello, my name is Nuria and I am Spanish, but privileged to have a multicultural existence everyday. After growing up and being educated as a lawyer in Spain, I moved to UK were I continued developing my career in Law.

Later I settled in Wales with my Spanish husband and three children, all born in Wales. Our children are bi-lingual and bi-cultural because they spend time in both, Wales and Spain, with our families. This background and my experience in the education sector gave me the idea to start a business facilitating cultural exchanges for children aged 12 and over.

Significantly, I decided to offer a personalised service to enhance the children's experience, and provide the child full immersion into the Spanish lifestyle.  Some things simply can’t be learnt in the classroom.

My focus is culture rather than just language and total immersion rather than just exchange.

CulturAlive has created a unique opportunity that will not only boost the confidence of teenagers but also allow them to breathe a foreign language and culture by experiencing it for themselves.

Experience by seeing it live is learning by practice. Practice leads to proficiency.

As a mother I also understand the anxieties of letting children go to another country and live with a new family, therefore, CulturAlive is dedicated to identifying a local, friendly and reliable family best suited to your child’s personality. All of our cultural exchange matches are tailored to the individual child, you can be sure that CulturAlive will find a great match suitable for your son/daughter.

To ensure that your child’s immersion is as hassle free as possible CulturAlive has developed these core services, the foundations of a successful cultural exchange:

CulturAlive – a service that you can trust.

Integration into foreign culture through family life immersion is the ultimate goal of the program.

What do I offer?