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Who is a CulturAlive  exchange suitable for?

Primarily our exchanges are suitable for children aged 12-17 with an interest and desire to further their Spanish language skills, specially fluency, whilst experiencing, enjoying and immersing themselves into Spanish culture.


In some instances, where Music and Spanish is a clear combined interest, Ad Libitum, a Spanish music camp might be recommended instead. This week long stay allows your son/daughter to experience and connect with Spanish through the universal language of music. As well as playing in the orchestra, there is opportunity for the students to participate in Spanish lessons and socialize with Spanish young musicians, allowing individuals to grow in confidence. Ad Libitum provides a full week of cultural and musical education!

Ad Libitum. Spanish music camp.

Grow in confidence

Where can you go?

The available areas have been selected for their unique Spanish traditional culture, their good weather, quality of life and ease of access from UK airports.

Please click on each destination to find out more about the location and lifestyle.






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My focus is culture rather than just language and total immersion rather
than just exchange.

Additional Opportunities in Spain

Organised day trips in Spain with other British exchange students and their hosting friends in partnership with qualified bus rental company Temibus,(Alicante) an innovative and leading company in land transport since 1927.

Click on image to go to Temibus website, Alicante.

Additional Opportunities for Host
Families in Britain

Families with children looking for a confident, reliable and friendly Spanish Au Pair to come over for an agreed period of time. Speak to me to see if I have any suitable Au Pairs/ contacts or availabilities that could facilitate your needs.

When are the CulturAlive exchanges?

CulturAlive exchanges are preferably arranged to take place during the UK Summer Holidays and Easter holidays.

Please note if it is of interest to your child then other options might be considered; ie May/October half- term and so on.
We will do our best to find a time suitable for both you and
your child.

How long are the CulturAlive exchanges?

Normally these cultural exchanges last one to two weeks in each of the countries, with both families hosting for an equal amount of time (e.g. your son/daughter would stay with their family for one week and then their son/daughter would stay with your family for the same amount of time). CulturAlive’s unique services allow us to tailor each stay so talk to us and we can work out a time frame that works for you.

Please note the Ad Libitum opportunity is only available during the summer months.

What to do next?

Please note that all CulturAlive exchanges are individual and tailored specifically to your child’s needs, based on a gratuity between the families.

“Allow us to find your child the perfect family match”.  

To start your child’s journey on a life changing cultural language exchange please follow the guidance below:

 • Complete and submit the application form with your
   details. Click here

 • Complete a detailed profile of your child and the family way
   of life.

 • Schedule a date for a personal interview with me, ideally at
   your home.

 • Identify and agree your preferred dates for the exchange.
   Please note that some flexibility may be required as the
   other family involved in the exchange will also have to be

 • I will identify the most suitable matches and discuss them
   with you prior to agreement.

 • Once the family match and dates have been agreed, you will
   have to sign a contract and pay the arranged fees via bank
   transfer. Click here

 • When payment has cleared, we will provide you with details
   of your exchange family for you to contact them and get to
   know them a little more before your exchange takes place.

 • Before your child travels medical and consent forms must be
   completed. Click here

Beautiful Andalucía decoration.

Learn to love España, cherish the
language & culture.